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quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2019

Vanessa Simon — Deja Vu

Tony Lindsay — Only If You Knew What My Eyes See

Tavis Minner — Oh My

Tanya Tiet — Beautiful

Robin Bramlett — Square Biz

Patty Layne — I Won't Complain

Pamela — He Will Not Leave You Full Mix

Natasha Alexander — Three Bells

Morris Legrande — Loving You

Michael J Parlett — Ocean Tide

Lola — Let's Call It A Night

Lady Ele — Old School Love

Kuipiio Livingston — Pieces

Kevin Jackson — Loving Me

Kalvin Bishop — Tell Me It's Alright

John Butler — The Best Is Yet To Come

Jeffery Smith feat David Carr Jr — Groovie Smoothie

Jeff Sheppard Feat Nadia Chiodo & Leaf Erikson — Find The Way

Frank Sirius — Remember My Name

Ed Perry — He'll Supply It

Donovan Blackwood — Never Gonna Let You Go

Bruce Mckenzie — Synergy

Bruce Mckenzie — 5Th Avenue

Brittany Barber, Bryan J, DJ Quik, Problem — Chachi's Ride

quarta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2019

WINFREE — Family Reunion

Ronnie Williams — I Own It

Reggie Boone — Love One Another

Reggie Boone — Let's Stay Together

Reggie Boone — Its Gonna Be Alright

Marqueal Jordan — Want You Around

Marqueal Jordan — The Edge

Marqueal Jordan — No Pressure

Marqueal Jordan — Lend Me Your Ear

Marqueal Jordan — It's All Up To You

Marqueal Jordan — Conversations

Dennis Bettis — Old Records

Daddy V — Every Time I Ride Threw My City

Carman Bryant — Midnight Star

quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2019

Von B And Dlwilson — Mr DJ Stole My Girl

Set mix Junior Silva - 21 - 02 - 2019

Kev Brown Feat Dana Myrick — Take Our Time

Kev Brown Feat Jazimine Sullivan — You Picked The Wrong Day

Kelli Mack — Without Your Love

Kelli Mack — Seasons

Kelli Mack — Hay

Kelli Mack — Can't Stop Won't Stop

James Day ft Audrey Wheeler — Rewind Shauns Time Machine Mix

Jamar Germain — Guaranteed

Cam Bells — Thats My Baby

Michelle Lawson - Looking For Love [ ss reflex mix - deejay steff extd. ...

TK Soul — Love Is The New Hate

Tj Upshaw — You Got It

Tj Upshaw — Body Talk

The Groove Association feat Georgie B & Deborah Bell Dancing In Heave...

Silky Slim — On Fire

Rojai & E Live — Hard Pressed

Mishlawi — Bad Intentions

Martay — Take You There Full Crew

Marc Staggers, Reginald Staggers — Swing It Baby

Marc Staggers, Reginald Staggers — I Can't Believe You're Really Mine

Marc Staggers, Nia Simmons, Reginald Staggers — I'll Do Anything For You

Louam — Mary J Blige

Louam — Like 90'S R&B

Lance Ferguson — Brazilian Rhyme

Lance Ferguson — Am I Wrong

K Reen, Shurik'n — Savoir Dire Non

K Reen, Oxmo Puccino — Mensongeur

Joye B Moore — Sending You A Blessing

Hofstone — Can't Keep Running Away

Devon Howard — We Gon Be

Daniel Debourg & Dyanna Fearon — Bubblebath

Big Rizzo — Baby Im Yours Tonight

Belle — Right Here

domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2019

E Beilli — Gostosa Sensação

Ent — Rock The Show

Jaguar Wright — One More Drink

Jaguar Wright — Told Ya

Jasper Feat Shade — Tonight Remix

Jasper Feat Suga T — Are You Ready

Jim Berry — Boomerang

Lionel & Leslie — Bounce

Marisa Lindsay — I Think I Want To Be In Love

Nivea — No More

Maurice Smith — One Kiss

Nivea Introducing The DREAM — I Can't Mess With You

Peo feat Mirjam— Everything

Prelude — Noir & Or New Jack Mix

Raheem DeVaughn & The Crank Crusaders ft Maycee — Angel

Rob Murcer — All About Him

Sarah Lesol — Hide And Seek

Stephanie Higgins Garrett — Sunny Days

The Manhattans — Get It Ready