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sábado, 24 de fevereiro de 2018

Madisa — True Beautiful

Michael Dunston — Mercy Mercy Me

Meemee Nelzy — Papiyon

Cece Peniston — Sombody Else's Guy Cast dj Ext

Ashton Vidal Feat Lj — Fly With Me Ext Cast dj

Ackelee Davis — All I Want Ext Cast Dj

Chip Days — Water Cast Dj Mix

Chip Days — Water Cast Dj Mix

Darius Coleman — Praise The Lord Ext Cast dj

Risce — Don't Change

Mc Faden & White Head — Ain't Now Stop Us Now Remix R&B

The Mainngredient — I`ll Do For You

Ivana Santilli — Deserve

Soulfinger Experience — Tendre Mama Remix

Nashay Feat Neb Luv — Hey Mr DJ

Yaffayo Feat Massive Joy — Let's Get This Party

Nana Feat Jonestown — Why

Maysa Leak — It's The Right Time

Melodie Sexton — New Beginnings

Clazziquai Project — I ll Give You Everything Buoyant Remix feat J & Bo...

Jackiem Joyner — Groove Theme

The Isley Brothers feat Ronald Isley — You're My Star

Stephani Sphark Parker — Don1t Like


Simply Stace — Unconditionally

Secure — Used To Be

Sarah Jane — It's Too Late The Benson Mix

Richard A Davis — The More I Get To Know You

Sule — Feels

Marcia Hines — Give It All You Got

Michael Steling — Between The Raindrops

Onitsha — This Is Serious

segunda-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2018

Ginger Jackson — Gingerlude

Ginger Jackson — No Way Nancy Hanks

G. L. Smooth — Whatever You Want

G. L. Smooth — Don't Give In

Kamaria Tilley — Another Family Reunion

Qui510 — My Fantasy

Saint Jaimz — Not Gonna Fall

The APX — Right on Time

Gizelle Smith — S.T.A.Y feat Eric Boss

Erica L. James — Unconditional

Fevah — West Coast Lovin' Remix Version

Qool — Cheatin

Rabbi 1 — Return The Love

Rejoyce Love Lewis — Spread God's Love

Roi Anthony feat Lil Runt — So Fine

Soal niaS — Keep It Real Remix

Terry Townsend — Whatsoever

Wallace Gary — I Know You Want It!

D. Cypha — Cypha Cruisin

G Funk — Side A

Liberty City, Fla — I Met Her In Miami

S. H. I. L. O. — Best Kept Secret Unreleased

SUMIN — Brown feat Hoody 90s flip by dani

MIKE CITY — We're Family

Ny'a — First Time

2unes — Rock Steady




Parris Bowens 'STAY' lyric video

sábado, 17 de fevereiro de 2018

Leon — My Muse


Mariea Watkins — Music In The Air

M A V — Whine

Lemar - Tick Tock (Kardinal Beats Retro Remix)

R'mone Entonio — Lie so Good

Alicia Renee — The Crush

Colonel Red — Real Opolopo Roller Skate Remix

Rachel Brown — Weekend

Aura Jackson — Walk After U

D'Cheri — Like I Do

Kendra Ross — Real Deal

2 Way — Everything You Need

Fierce — Dayz Like That Bishop Brad Club Mix

Nichole Benn Feat Lecture — Be Alright

Nona Gaye — Im Overjoyed

Darlene McCoy — Even Me

Jason Miles — Heavy Love Affair

E3 feat D Brown — It's Been Fun

The Yungfellaz — Let It Go (N Mix)

The Tony Rich Project — Gone Girl Tam B Jayman Mix

Myron — The Little Drummer Boy

Mystikal — Shake Ya Ass Funkymix Remix

Kreva — Have a Nice Day Cast Dj Mix

Less Is More – The Grooves feat Molly

Shaun Escoffery – Living

Nick Clow – Don Tcha Know

Lethal – How High Can We Go

Prime Directive – Sunshine

Nesha – What's It Gonna Be Jus Bounce Mix

Style – Constantly

Ruscola – Damn If I Had A Few G's

Ice T, Peeps Game, CJ Mac, Blak Czer, C J Moore – U G N Theme

Kay Cavie – Caviar

Kay Cavie, 4D, King Lou, Playa Ham, Supreme, Peeps Game, Val Young – Rea...

Rimes – All 4 The Cream LP Vers

Lost Boyz ‎– Get Up

C&C Music Factory – I'll Always Be Around The Jeep Album Mix

Jahbo – Issues

Mz Pat – Fair PlayTurn Around

Triple Flexxx – Cool Aah Ight

City Girlz Let's Ride

Yvonne Yani – I'll Be There For You

Da Nappy – I'm Nappy

Freedom Hester - All Praises Up (New Gospel Music 2017)

Junior Silva

sexta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2018

Cash Campain - Holy Matrimony (feat. Caleborate) [prod. Wax Roof & Daoud]

Run N' Fly - "JANUARY"

Jody Watley and SRL - The Mood

Diane Shaw - Second Chance (Slow Jam mix)

Diane Shaw - Second Chance (Slow Jam mix)

Maurice Smith- One Kiss

Len Walston - You Should Be Here

I Cry You Cry (Merry Go Round) Margo Thunder