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quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2017

Welcome 2 Groove City Volume 01

1. Welcome 2 Groove City(Interlude)
2. Free - Robin Small
3. All About Him - Robin Small
4. My Eyes Are On U - Robin Small
5. That's The Way - Tony McClendon
6. So Glad I Know U - Tony McClendon
7. Cloud 85 - Serina G
8. So Special - Serina G
9. Gotta Have U - Laurone McClendon
10. 2Nite - Laurone McClendon
11. Can't Let Go - Laurone McClendon
12. More Play - Laurone McClendon
13. First Date - Charlene
14. Gonna Luv Me - Isaac Clemon
15. Gifted and Blessed - Will Finley
16. Praise Him - Gil V Small Jr
17. The Way We Were - Isaac Clemon
18. More Of Thee - Will Finley

Welcome 2 Groove City Vol 1

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