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quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2017

Ijeoma & The Sindecut - Cool Your Head (7" limited vinyl)

RC & the Gritz - The Feel

terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2017

sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2017

Marauding At Midnight: A Tribute To The Sounds Of A Tribe Called Quest

Geo - How A Man Feels

quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2017

Welcome 2 Groove City Volume 01

1. Welcome 2 Groove City(Interlude)
2. Free - Robin Small
3. All About Him - Robin Small
4. My Eyes Are On U - Robin Small
5. That's The Way - Tony McClendon
6. So Glad I Know U - Tony McClendon
7. Cloud 85 - Serina G
8. So Special - Serina G
9. Gotta Have U - Laurone McClendon
10. 2Nite - Laurone McClendon
11. Can't Let Go - Laurone McClendon
12. More Play - Laurone McClendon
13. First Date - Charlene
14. Gonna Luv Me - Isaac Clemon
15. Gifted and Blessed - Will Finley
16. Praise Him - Gil V Small Jr
17. The Way We Were - Isaac Clemon
18. More Of Thee - Will Finley

Welcome 2 Groove City Vol 1

segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2017

A.O.N. - Restoration Process

A.O.N. - Livin It Up.mp3

A.O.N. - No Breaks.mp3

R&B Classic Collection

A Guy Named Joe Leavy - Find A Way to Love.mp3

Aletta Henderson - Your're The One.mp3

Anthony Ak King - Take Me Over Love.mp3

Anthony Ak King - Take Me Over Love_146024048 - charmeiro.mp3

Butch & Rhonda Coleman - Here I Go Again.mp3

Byron Jamez - Time Machine.mp3

Carlton Winfree - Break Through.mp3

Curt Jones - Find A Way.mp3

Donovan Blackwood - Never Gonna Let You Go.mp3

Dra Karr And An Experience - Southside Step.mp3

Fathers Children - If I.mp3

Gary Beals - Escuse Me.mp3

Gayla James - If You Don't Want To Go.mp3

Glow - You Gotta Hold On Me (2).mp3

Glow - You Gotta Hold On Me.mp3

I Just Can't Believe (ReLoaded).mp3

I Want Your Lovin' (The Love Step Mix).mp3

Isaac Stevenson - That's The Way Love Goes.mp3

John Aram - Stronger (Featuring Sumudu & Grégoire Maret).mp3

Jules Jones - Spirit.mp3

Kashious - To Make A Difference.mp3

Kemet feat. Lauren Euston - Red Wine.mp3

Kim Scott - Sweet Obsession.mp3

Leila White - Best Love (Giant Swing Remix).mp3

Lionel Cornelius - Hey There!.mp3

Lionel Cornelius - I Want You.mp3

Maryanne Ito - No Words (feat. Daniel Sauls).mp3

Natasha Watts - Hold Up.mp3

Natasha Watts - Tonite.mp3

Papik - Can't Get Enough of Your Love (feat. Frankie Lovecchio ).mp3

Papik - Special Love (feat. Ely Bruna).mp3

REVELATION featuring Roz Mahe - I Can't Live Without You.mp3

Sandra de Sá - Qual É_ (What's Going On).mp3

Sean Gilbert Feat D. Rich - Step.mp3

Soulutions - Mr. Sun Don't You Hide.mp3

Tha Hot Club - Love Come Down.mp3

The Temptations - Treat Her Like A Lady [ Instrumental ].mp3

Tony McLendon - It's Time.mp3

Tony McLendon - That's The Way.mp3

Tucka - Back in Stride.mp3

Vanessa Williams - The Comfort Zone (Radio Remix Flute Solo).mp3

Veronica - Who Can Luv! (R&B Mix).mp3

Victor Sila - Sexual.mp3

Wendy Hicks - Welcome.mp3

Willian Scott - Love Gone Bad.mp3

Winston - Secret Garden (Original Extended Remix).mp3

domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2017

Kyle Rifkin — I Like It

Kyle Rifkin — I Like It.mp3

Shalamar Reloaded - The Mood

quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2017

Deema - Touch Me Now

Cym Lajoy - Git Yo Act 2 Gether Brotha

Cym Lajoy - Git Yo Act 2 Gether Brotha.mp3

SedSoul Records

Alaché - The Blood

Alaché - The Blood.mp3

The Best of Rap & Black — collection

2-4 Family — Stay.mp3

Aaron Hall — Tell Me What You Like.mp3

All City — The Actual.mp3

Bounty Killer — It's A Party.mp3

Buddha Monk — Spark Somebody Up.mp3

Charlie Baltimore — Money.mp3

Cosmic Slop Shop — Sinful.mp3

Divine — Lately.mp3

Ebony Foster — Crazy For You.mp3

Farland — You're The Voice.mp3

Heather B. — Do You.mp3

JESSE POWELL — I Wasn't With It.mp3

John Forté — Ninety Nine.mp3

Jonestown — Tonight.mp3

K-Ci & Jojo — Don't Rush.mp3

Keith Washington — I Love You.mp3

Krazee Alley — Do You Know.mp3

Mazaya — How Me Livin'.mp3

MC Ren — Ruthless For Life.mp3

Mobbs IV Real — Missing You.mp3

Monifah — Touch It.mp3

Montell Jordan — Let's Ride.mp3

Nana — Dreams.mp3

Nana — Let It Rain.mp3

Nitebreeds — Everybody's On The Beat.mp3

Salt 'N' Pepa — Gitty Up.mp3

Sandra Olajide — Why Don't You Stay_.mp3

Tatyana Ali — Daydreamin'.mp3

T'ee — Love Me Tender.mp3

Xscape — My Little Secrets.mp3

Yankee B — That Feeling.mp3

Terry Woolard — The Groove Is Ho

Terry Woolard — The Groove Is Hot.mp3

The Nature Boy - You Got Me Swangin

The Nature Boy - You Got Me Swangin (Instrumental).mp3

The Nature Boy - You Got Me Swangin.mp3

Supreme Soul — collection

Amp — Piano In The Dark.mp3

As We Speak — Love Me For A Reason.mp3

Dark Knights — 2 Be A Friend.mp3

Gems For Jem — Even When You're Gone.mp3

Gems For Jem — Time For Love.mp3

Jay Dee — Simple Solution.mp3

Kudos — When Love Calls.mp3

L.I.F.E. — My Pain.mp3

Lucy Wallace — Ain't Nobody.mp3

Massivo — Lovin' You.mp3

Massivo — Take My Hand.mp3

Rhythm Within — Don't Keep Me Waiting.mp3

Ria Caitaine — Been Fooled.mp3

Ria Caitaine — Give It (This Love Song).mp3

Riviera — Angel.mp3

Riviera — September Rain.mp3

Searching — Robin.mp3

Serenade — Don't Lead Me On.mp3

Serenade — Friend Not A Lover.mp3

Serenade — I Like.mp3

Serenade — I'll Keep You Warm.mp3

Solid State Sound — Do You Wanna Chill With Me_.mp3

Tee Green — I Like Your Style.mp3

Tee Green — Mystery Girl.mp3

Tee Green — Someday We'll All Be Free.mp3

Tracy — Where Is The Love (Feat. Tracy).mp3

Zaues — Do Without You.mp3

Zee — Move Closer.mp3

Zushii — Surprise, Surprise.mp3

Elena Nordé - Just Dance (That's All It Is)

Elena Nordé - Just Dance (That's All It Is).mp3

Premiere - No One Loves Me Like U Do

Premiere - No One Loves Me Like U Do.mp3

Patrick Jean-Paul-Denis - Keep Pushing (Opaz Urban Mix)

Patrick Jean-Paul-Denis - Keep Pushing (Opaz Urban Mix).mp3

Lil' Louis - Dancing in My Sleep

Lil' Louis - Dancing in My Sleep.mp3

Karen Kenny - Crazy Love

Karen Kenny - Crazy Love.mp3

Kaire - Lovey Dovey

Kaire - Lovey Dovey.mp3

Kashif - Lay You Down

Kashif - Lay You Down.mp3

The Kenoly Brothers - La La La Song

The Kenoly Brothers - La La La Song.mp3

Robert Moe - So Glad

Robert Moe - So Glad.mp3

Amar Khalil - Higher

Amar Khalil - Higher.mp3

Noble Taylor - End of Time

noble taylor - end of time.mp3

Jay King — Good Kind Of Lovin

Jay King — Good Kind Of Lovin'.mp3