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sexta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2016

R&B Pop Vocals Vol. 1,2,3,4,5,6

R&B Pop Vocals Vol. 6
Feat. Selector, Diamond Seward, Masterwerks R&B, Eddie Caldwell, Resonance Array, Robert Johnson, Nick Sanders, Tate Simms, Tamalaneh, Jesper Mattsson, Joseph Velasquez II, Darrius Willrich, Gil Small Jr, Coach, Jamie Sparks, Boostylz and Jana Sadler.

R&B Pop Vocals Vol. 5
Feat. Tracy Oliver, Boostylz, Mark Cross, Maupower, Laquita McNeal, Michael Hamilton, VenueConnection, Tamalaneh, Eric Bolvin, James Barr, Eddie Caldwell, Mark Caesar - The Physician, Arthur Richardson, Family Senci, Masterwerks R&B, Gil Small Jr, Jamie Sparks and Peter Bennborn Project.

R&B Pop Vocals Vol. 4
Feat. LPJ Entertainment, Byron Clayton, Zwelithini Mabhena, Toniks, Boostylz, VenueConnection, Worldstage Music, Tamalaneh, Will Brock, Tony Sway, Jamie Sparks, Eddie Caldwell, Michiel van Zundert, Arthur Richardson, Dr Freebs, Tate Simms, AL Music, Angela Predhomme, The Producer, Lachi, LaGaylia Frazier and Legacy Keys.

R&B Pop Vocals Vol. 3
Feat. LPJ Entertainment, Richard Hamersma, Roderick Allen, Paul Stirk, Richy Kicklighter, VenueConnection, Calvin's Project, Erwin Steijlen, Tony Sway, Sunburn In Cyprus, Andrae Hazard, Eddie Caldwell, Michiel van Zundert, Arthur Richardson, Jack Dazey, Eric Fletcher, Alex Cen, Jessica Johnson, Ena Vie, Gil Small Jr, Jamie Sparks, Boostylz, Lachi, Coach and Legacy Keys.

R&B Pop Vocals Vol. 2
Feat. Boostylz, James Branch, Khoa Le, Masterwerks R&B, Ben Bellamacina, Craig Range, Tamalaneh, Lew Laing, Add-On Music Group, Tony Sway, Jelixa, Victoria Trestrail, AL Music, Mark Cross, Tiffany Tatum, Jamie Sparks, Rebekah Withakay, Ed Napoli and Tracy Oliver.

R&B Pop Vocals Vol. 1
Feat. Rebekah Withakay, Tamalaneh, Emiliano Pari, Tony Sway, Will Brock, Force 1, Nichelle Colvin, Tom Dwyer, Michael Bell, Michael Hamilton, Jelixa, VenueConnection, Jive Ass Sleepers Featuring Brandi, Diana Brown Project, Family Senci, Dean Anthony Caputo, The Producer and MacTilla.

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