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quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2016

Rici - Groovin

Oluwatomi - 9:11


Sean C. Johnson - Simply A Vessel

HOT 16 - Rhythm feat Ohmega Watts b​/​w K​-​Def Remix

Funky DL - Nights in Nippon Jazzstrumentals

Jackie Johnson - I Wanna Move With You

segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2016

Nuwamba - Unusual

nuwamba - unusual.mp3

Theo - Down Time

Theo - For Your Love.mp3

Theo - I Like It!.mp3

theo - lockdown.mp3

Moni Dbh - L'été C'est Chaud feat Reena

18.Moni Dbh - L'été C'est Chaud feat Reena.mp3

domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2016

Lloyd - Excited

Lloyd - Excited (Audio).mp3

segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2016

Junior Silva DF - - R&B Classic Collection 02

Amar Khalil - Solitary.mp3

Calvin Richardson - Love Don't Make Sense.mp3

Chandlar - Tear Your Walls Down (Remix).mp3

Jackiem Joyner - Groove Theme.mp3

Jahi- Sweet Melody (Feat. Don-E).mp3

Kenny Thomas - Foolin Around.mp3

Kenny Thomas - Let It Rain.mp3

Loyiso - Give It Up.mp3

Maskerade - Get to Know Ya.mp3

Masters Of Funk - Don't Let Go (F.K Club Mix).mp3

Next - Nothing.mp3

Official Steppers - Get Up.mp3

Official Steppers - Step It Up.mp3

Pieces Of A Dream - Triflin.mp3

Teena Marie - Make It Hot.mp3

The Isley Brothers feat. Ronald Isley - You're My Star.mp3

J. Fraze (Johnathan Frazier) - Dance In The Spirit.mp3

J.Poww - Friends.mp3

Mark Bergeron - Can't You Tell Me Why.mp3

Marva King - Next To You.mp3

Maurissa Rose - Forget About You.mp3

Michael J. Parlett - Ocean Tide.mp3

Morris Legrande - Loving You.mp3

Tavis Minner - Oh My.mp3

The Minister John Butler - The Best Is Yet To Come.mp3

Tony Lindsay - Only If You Knew What My Eyes See.mp3

Will Downing - Falling.mp3

Willie Clayton - Smile.mp3

Alexander O'Neal - Body Talkin'.mp3

Big Mel - What's Going On Today.mp3

Cedric Le'Mont - Out On The Floor.mp3

Derrick Pearson & New Covenant - He's The Way (No Intro).mp3

3000AD - Luvability.mp3

Costie Payne - All i Wanna Do.mp3

Geno Stanley - Do You Wanna Dance (Remixed).mp3

Junior Giscombe - Friends.mp3

Khalil - We kicked it.mp3

Kloud 9 - Didn't Think.mp3

Lawrence Welton - Everythangz Alright.mp3

Lew Kirton - We're In Love.mp3

Loot - I Can Tell.mp3

Mike Hammond - Holdin On.mp3

ShyFX & TPower - Shake Ur Body (Venus Tribe Mix).mp3

Tede Fame - The Way I Feel About You.mp3

Tha Hot Club - Love Come Down.mp3

The Lab Addcts - Dance All Night.mp3

The Lab Addcts - Tonight.mp3

Unified Tribe - Back And Forth.mp3

Junior Silva DF - - R&B Classic Collection 01

Le'Jit - The Best.mp3

Lynn Marie - Diggin'.mp3

Alvin Frazier - Don't Worry.mp3

Black Mighty Wax Feat. Sarah Jane Morris - Shake Your Heart.mp3

Brian Simpson - Just What You Need.mp3

C. Robert Walker - Bit By Love.mp3

Chele' Feat. John Costello - You Are.mp3

Donovan Blackwood - Never Gonna Let You Go.mp3

Fred Hammond - We Workship You.mp3

Kenya Henry - Gimme Dat.mp3

Jeanette Harris - Just Keep Holding On.mp3

The David Wells & Chris Geith Project - Twice In A Lifetime.mp3

Tom-Louis Gray - The Only One.mp3

Kloud 9 - Dime.mp3

Bluey - Got To Let My Feelings Show.mp3

3000Ad - So Divine.mp3

Amar Khalil - Higher.mp3

James Day - Don't Waste The Pretty.mp3

Kevin Williams Feat C4 - Tonight (Remix By Jaime DJ).mp3

Lawrence Welton - Good Loving.mp3

Leza - You Got Me.mp3

Masters Of Funk Feat.Mark Sexton - Unusual Amore.mp3

Nathan Justin - I Exalt Thee.mp3

Omar - Sing (If You Want It).mp3

Pamela Williams - Forbidden Fruit.mp3

The Jazz Steppers - Give Me The Night.mp3

Uness - Arabian Girl.mp3

Unified Tribe - If We Were Invaded.mp3

Unified Tribe - Keep On Keepin On.mp3

Urban Mystic - Its You.mp3

Urban Mystic - My Block.mp3

The 24K Message (Bruno Mars Grandmaster Flash Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five)

The 24K Message (Bruno Mars Grandmaster Flash Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five).mp3

Bruno Mars - 2016

Bruno Mars - Finesse ( 2016 ).mp3

Bruno Mars - Chunky ( 2016 ) .mp3



Bes Rakthai Feat. Linda Pira — Ain't Good Enough (Bonita Señorita) Traknology Remix

Bes Rakthai Feat. Linda Pira — Ain't Good Enough (Bonita Señorita) Traknology Remix.mp3

David Mindel & Jamie Sparks — Fabulous Clothes (Feat. Nadasi & Jaques)

David Mindel & Jamie Sparks — Fabulous Clothes (Feat. Nadasi & Jaques).mp3

LLake - Tell Me What's On Your Mind

LLake - Tell Me What's On Your Mind.mp3

Cooly's Hot Box - Make Me Happy

Cooly's Hot Box - Make Me Happy.mp3

sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2016

Fitzgerald - Yesterday (2004)

Fitzgerald - Some Things Never Change.mp3

Fitzgerald - Make Me flow.mp3

Coleção RnB - Junior Silva DF

3L Entertainment - Dance 2nite (Remix).mp3

5th Ave - Ooh La La.mp3

All About You - Fall 4 U (Street Team Mix).mp3

All About You - Treat U Right (Old Skool Remix).mp3

Allen Anthony - Get Somewhere.mp3

Anthony Anderson - Nuttin' Butta Party.mp3

AOC - One Girl (Konrad Remix).mp3

BBD - Do me (Remix).mp3

Black Buddafly - 'If U Want It.mp3

Black Rain feat. Ron D. - Do You Wanna Be (US Radio Edit).mp3

C&C Music Factory - Do U Wanna Get Funky (Remix).mp3

C&C Music Factory - Sleepwalker (Urban Remix).mp3

Calvin Richardson - Keep On Pushin (Remix).mp3

Cameo - Word Up (Remix).mp3

Cellie - Guys ,Guys ,Guys.mp3

Corey Clark - Up On The Floor.mp3

Corey Williams feat.R-les - Ridah.mp3

Cruize Control - Your Night (Now & Forever).mp3

Davon - Sexy-Hot.mp3

DJ Quick Feat R Kelly - It's Like Everyday.mp3

Donell Jones - I`m Gonna Be (Remix).mp3

Dru Hill - Love Md (Club).Mp3

Fascination - I've Waited.mp3

FBP BeaTz & NJM presents - Feelin This Way (2013).MP3

Flex - I can't wait.mp3

Francisco feat Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me (Remix).mp3

Gerald Levert - Wilding Me Out.mp3

Groove Theory - Tell Me (Remix).MP3

Heavy D & The Boyz - Now That We Found Love (BL Remix).mp3

Henok & Jonatan feat. Miki - Miss Fabolous.mp3

In Essence - I.E. (Pt.2).mp3

Jagged Edge - Walked Outta Heaven (Too Hot Remix).mp3

Janet - Go Deep (Remix).mp3

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes (Clubmix).mp3

Jay Sean & Rishi Rich - Holding On (Remix).mp3

Jessica - Are You the One.mp3

Jodeci - Gotta Love (New Video Edit).mp3

John Blu - Never Took a Break.mp3

J-Soul - What I Gotta Do (Groove Mix).mp3

Juice Company - It's A Love Thing (Remix).mp3

Khadejla Feat Marie Antoinette - What Goes Around.mp3

Kulcha - Shaka Jam (Radio Edit).mp3

Lee Carr - Stilettos (Squeaky Clean).mp3

Leniece Feat Lady B - Just the Way I Like It.mp3

Leon Beal - We Can Make it.mp3

Little Shawn - Dom Perignon.mp3

L-Kae - You Are.mp3

Love City Groove - Sentence Of Love.Mp3

Love Symbol & Nona Gaye - Love Sign.mp3

Loyiso - Give Me The Night (Remix).mp3

Lucy Pearl - La La (Remix).mp3

Mack10 feat. Kanary Diamonds - By The Bar.mp3

Marques Houston feat.Rara - I Like It.mp3

Marva King - Chocolate.mp3

Mary J. Blige feat. Keith Murray - Be Happy (Bad Boy Butter Mix).mp3

Masters Of Funk feat. Marc Sexton - Unusual Amore.mp3

Maurice J. - Devoted to you.mp3

Max-A-Million - Sexual Healing.mp3

Maysa - What About Our Love (Ray Head Opaz Dope Remix).mp3

MC Lyte - Where Home Is Featuring Jamie Foxx.mp3

MC Lyte - Woo Woo (Freak Out).mp3

Megan Rochell - Let Go.mp3

Mike Charles and Fatal - Teenage Love.mp3

Misia - Dance Dance.mp3

Misteeq - Cant Get It Back (Salaam Remi Mix).mp3

Monte Gill - Get To Know U.mp3

Musiq - Forthenight (Remix).mp3

Nadanuf - Good Life.Mp3

Nashay - I Need Your Love.mp3

Nazlyn - Your Love My Love (Radio Mix Version).Mp3

New Edition - Feelin It.mp3

No Authority - Don't Stop.wma

Noah - Boyz In Da Club.mp3

Notch feat. Fatman Scoop - Layaway Love (Extended Remix).mp3

Okeith - After Hour (Remix).mp3

Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night (Remix).mp3

One Chance - Private.mp3

Pachango - Zhane In Black (Remix).mp3

Public Announcement featuring Shaq and Roger Troutman - D.O.G. In Me.mp3

Queen Latifah ft. Mario Winans - Do Your Thing (Remix).mp3

R. City - Losin It.mp3

Richie Rich and Esera Tauolo - Stay with Me.mp3

Roman-A-Clef - All I Do.Mp3

Ruff House Crew - Lovin's Got Me Crazy.Mp3

Sadie - In My House.mp3

Sai - Human (Remix).mp3

Seduce 210 - Sufferin' Sukatash.mp3

SFTP - My Love Is Shit (Remix).mp3

Sharissa Ft Scarface - Any Other Night (Remix).mp3

Sirena feat. 702 - Gamble It.mp3

Sophie Delila - Back Together.mp3

Soul Aliens - Push (Classic Mix).mp3

Soul for Real - Every Little Thing I Do (Linslee Remix).mp3

Stephen Simmonds Feat. Big L - Alone (Remix).mp3

Stereo The Big Man - What Is It.mp3

Thia Jasmine - My World.mp3

Tony Danza - Can You Feel It.mp3

Toshinobu Kubota - The Sound of Carnival (Soul Bossa Trio Remix).mp3

Total - Sittin Home (Remix).mp3

Total feat. Mase - If You Want Me (Ruffneck Remix).mp3

Tra Kox - You Will Be There.mp3

Tyrese - Nobody Else (Clubmix).mp3

U.T.F.O. - Lollipop.mp3

Unified Tribe - Get Up.mp3

Urban Mystic - Can You Handle This ft. Pitbull.mp3

Vincens - Where The Love Gone (Marshall W. Mix).mp3

Walter Beasley - Calling To Me.Mp3

Whitehead Bros. - 187 Send For Remix Back Up.mp3

Whycliffe - Heaven (C&J Mix).mp3