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segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013

J-Caravella DJ


3D - Set You Free (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Ali Crucial - Feelin' You (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Angela Johnson - Anything (J-Caravella Extended)

Arika Kane - Bcuz I Luv U (J-Caravella Extended)

Avani - Something On My Mind (J-Caravella Extended Version)

B.O.X.X. - Outstanding (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Big Bub - This Is The Day (J-Caravella Extended)

Brooke Hogan Feat. Stack$ - Falling (J-Caravella Extended)

Casual - I Can't Get Enough (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (J-Caravella Percappella Remix Version)

Chandra Currelley - No Secrets (J-Caravella Extended)

Chris Ballin - Full Time Lover (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Chuck Arrington - I'm Gonna Praise You (J-Caravella Extended) (2)

Chuck Arrington - I'm Gonna Praise You (J-Caravella Extended)

C-Note - My Heart Belongs To You (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Con Funk Shun - Shake It Easy (J-Caravella Extended)

Cris - My Love (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Curtis Hairston - Elysian Lady (J-Caravella Extended)

Black Coffey - Hard To Get (J-Caravella New Jack Remix)

Bo Roc - Boulevard Nights (J-Caravella Extended)

Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (J-Caravella Percappella Remix)

Cool Million Feat. Jeniqua - Making Love (J-Caravella Stay Mix)

Donna Renné - Somewhere (J-Caravella Intro Edit)

Full Flava Feat. Beverlei Brown - Love Holds No Limit (J-Caravella Extended)

Marshall Thompson - Low Key (J-Caravella Extended)

Mz. Pat - Half Empty (J-Caravella Edit)

Ne-Yo - Champagne Life (J-Caravella Sax Mix).mp3

Nina Provancal - Chance With Me (J-Caravella Extended)

Ole Feat. Paule Malte & Philipp - Wir Sehen Uns Wieder (J-Caravella Extended)

Omari Shabazz - See U Again (J-Caravella Extended)

Siji - Starting Over (J-Caravella Extended)

The Brook Bronx - Give Me The Night (J-Caravella Extended)

Zan - Love Juicy (J-Caravella Remix Instrumental)

Alexander O'Neal - Body Talkin'

Big Mel - What's Going On Today

Cedric Le'Mont - Out On The Floor

Derrick Pearson & New Covenant - He's The Way (No Intro)

Eric Vito - Doo Wop (That Thing) (J-Caravella Edit).mp3

Frank Sirius - Remember My Name

Isa Sabani - On My Mind (Isa's Jeep Mix)

Jaared - You

Joi - Butterfly (Original Mix)

Kalvin Bishop - Tell Me It's Alright

Kevin Jackson - Loving Me

Lew Kirton - Two Hearts

Lola - Let's Call It A Night

Pamela - He Will Not Leave You (Full Mix)

Tony Chambers - Give Me The Nite

Chavous - Much Better (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Cheryl Daniels - Weekend (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Darren Rain Feat. Wayman Tisdale - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Darryl Anders - Tell Me Where It Hurts (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Dirk K. - I Love Your Smile (Master Jazz Mix) (J-Caravella Extended Version)

K.G. - A Different Kind Of Heat (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Kadice - Game Of Love (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Kenny Thomas & Shakatak - Thinkin' About Your Love (Scam Mix) (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Max Feat. Xavier - Incredible (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Naturally 7 - Broken Wings (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Rahjwanti - So This Is Love (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Spur Of The Moment - Rain On Me (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Val Watson - Earth Wind And Fire (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Victor Fields Feat. Jeff Lorber - Lovely Day (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Will Downing - Stuff That I Like (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Connie G - Let'cha Know (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Cris - My Love (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Curtis Hairston - Elysian Lady (J-Caravella Extended)

Cym - You And I (J-Caravella Extended)

Dameen - By All Means (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Darrell Jones - Wanna Get Down (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Dennis Taylor - Fills Me Up (J-Caravella Remix)

Dennis Taylor - Over & Over (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Diana Ross - If Your Not Gonna Love Me Right (J-Caravella Extended)

Donald Sheffey - You Are (J-Caravella Edit)

Don-E - Rhythm Of Life (J-Caravella Remix)

Doobie Powell - Alright (J-Caravella Edit)

DW3 - On The Floor (J-Caravella Extended)

Ed Motta - Mensalidade (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Ed Motta - Mensalidade (J-Caravella Extended)

Eddie M. - Divided Soul (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Enchanette - I Like The Way (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Erika Fecova - Party Girls (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Excellent Gentlemen - Yeah Yeah Yeah (J-Caravella Extended)

Feloney & Tee Jay - She´s The One (Mix Fabio RnB & J.CARAVELLA Bpm 100)

First Creation - My Time (J-Caravella Extended Version)

First Creation - My Time (J-Caravella Extended)

Full Flava Feat. Beverlei Brown - Love Holds No Limit (J-Caravella Extended)

Geela - When U Came Along (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Glenn Jones - The Way You Do (J-Caravella Extended Version)

J. Fraze (Johnathan Frazier) - Dance In The Spirit

J.Poww - Friends

James Day - Don't Wast The Prety (J-Caravella Extended Version)

J-Caravella - Interlude IV (J-Caravella Remix Version)

J-Funk - You're Smooth Like That (J-Caravella Extended)

Jim - ( Superman) I WANNA BE Video by JIM

Jim - I Wanna Be (J-Caravella Remix Version)

John Pagano - Masculinity (J-Caravella Extended Version)

John Pagano - Masculinity (J-Caravella Extended)

Johnny Gill - Wrap My Body Tight (J-Caravella Extended Version)

K. Young - I Wanna Be Your Man (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Kareen Lefkada - Mon Monde À Moi (J-Caravella Extended)

Keith Washington - Ready, Willing & Able (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Kenyatta & Nardo Ranks - Don't Front (J-Caravella Extended)

Kloud 9 - Can't Hold This Love (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Kloud 9 - Can't Hold This Love (J-Caravella Extended)

Lenisha - Just Dance (2005)

Lighthouse Family - Lifted (Linslee Extended Mix J-Caravella Re-Edit)

Loose - How You Make Me Feel (J-Caravella Extended)

Loyiso - Give It Up (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Luciana Mello - Sexta Feira (J-Caravella Edit)

Luther Vandross - First Time (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Marc Staggers - Waiting Here For You (J-Caravella Da Producers' Extended Version)

Mark Bergeron - Can't You Tell Me Why

Marva King - Next To You

Maurissa Rose - Forget About You

Maxwell - Gotta Get To Know Ya (J-Caravella Extended Version)

MC Hammer - One Mo' Time (J-Caravella Extended)

Melissa Brown - First Time (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Michael J. Parlett - Ocean Tide

Morris Legrande - Loving You

Ole - Mach Sie An (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Ole Feat. Paule, Malte & Philipp - Wir Sehen Uns Wieder (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Oliver Cheatam Feat. James 'D-Train' Williams - Never Too Much (J-Caravella Extended)

Robbie Mychals - Call Me (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Ruffus Troutman - Dance 4 Me (J-Caravella Extended)

Sara S. - Strugglin' (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Shannon - Human (J-Caravella Remix Version)

SOL (Sounds Of Life) - Baby Love (J-Caravella Extended)

Soul Movement - You Love To Do (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Tavis Minner - Oh My

Teri Tobin Feat. Dash - Free (J-Caravella Extended)

The Bar-Kays Feat. Roger Troutman - The Way You Shake (J-Caravella Extended Version)

The DEY - And I Miss You (J-Caravella Extended Version)

The Minister John Butler - The Best Is Yet To Come

The Rance Allen Group - All The Way (J-Caravella Extended)

The Spinners - It's a Shame (J-Caravella Funky-Remix Version Edit & Mix By Polemmico DJ)

The Tony Rich Project - Gone Girl (J-Caravella Extended Version)

The Whispers - Forever Lover (J-Caravella Extended Version)

Theo - Get Your Groove On (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Timothy Moloi - Don't Tell It's Over (J-Caravella Extended)

Tony Lindsay - Only If You Knew What My Eyes See

Tracy Cruz Feat. Allen Ross - Let's Go Back (J-Caravella Extended)

Trina Sharifa Cuff - It's You (J-Caravella Edit)

Tyrone Phillips Feat. Ship Daddy - Free (J-Caravella Extended)

Veronica - Baby I'm The One (J-Caravella Remix Version)

Will Downing - Falling

Willie Clayton - Smile

Zan - Love Juicy (J-Caravella Remix Version)