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segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Flash Back

--- SASHA BROWN - Dance Together (S.B.W. Records, 1985)(12'').mp3
52 ND STREET -- I' ll return (1987).mp3
A HIGH FREQUENCY -- Summertime (NIA Records, 1980).mp3
AB'S -- Girl (Jap).mp3
AC. KELLY -- Fallen.mp3
AL KENT -- Come back home.mp3
ALI LOVE -- Smoke & mirrors (Back Yard Recordings).mp3
ALL THE KINGS MEN - break the ice (Sutra Records, 1986) ¤¤¤.mp3
ALMOST BLIND - Spin The Night (Almost Blind Records, 1980) ¤¤¤.mp3
ALVIN FIELDS -- Lucky number seven (A&M Records, 1981).mp3
AMAZULU -- Montego bay (Mango Records, 1986).mp3
AMERICAN STEEL -- Shake your body line (Lulu Records).mp3
AMII STEWART -- Why' d you have to be so sexy (Handshake Records, 1981).mp3
ANDRE CYMONE -- Kelly's eyes (Columbia Records, 1982).mp3
ANN C. SHERIDAN -- Sing it low.mp3
ANRI -- Mystery zone (Jap).mp3
ARETHA FRANKLIN -- Jimmy lee (Arista Records, 1986).mp3
ARETHA FRANKLIN -- What a fool believes (Arista Records, 1980).mp3
BERTICE READING -- You' re gonna suffer (1986).mp3
BILL SPOON -- Love is on the way.mp3
BILL WOLFER -- So shy (Constellation Records, 1983).mp3
BOB BAILEY -- I want Jesus.mp3
BRICK -- Dancin' man (Bang Records, 1979).mp3
C.S LEWIS -- You belong to me.mp3
CANDY D -- Saxy mood (Bmg Records).mp3
CAPTAIN SKY --Non stop (TEC Records, 1980).mp3
CATHI LINN -- Dancing with the sunshine.mp3
CENTERFOLD -- Earth jam.mp3
CHAD -- Voluptuous (1987).mp3
CHARLIE SINGLETON -- Money won't change me (Arista Records, 1985).mp3
CHARMS -- Sunday is made for lovers.mp3
CHEMISTRY -- Skateboard (Masterpiece Records).mp3
CHERI - Small town lover (21 Records, 1983)(12'').mp3
CHOCOLATE MILK-- hipnotism (1980).mp3
CIVIL ATTACK -- One the phone ( 1983) ¤¤¤.mp3
CLAUDJA BARRY --Can't You Feel My Heartbeat (1986) ¤¤¤.mp3
CLIFFORD COULTER -- Don' t wanna see you cry (CBS Records, 1980) ¤¤¤.mp3
CONNIE CASE -- Get down (Konduko Records, 1982) ¤¤¤.mp3
COSMIC BOOGIE -- The users (Cosmic Boogie Records).mp3
CYNTHIA -- Change On Me ( Mic Mac Records) ¤¤¤.mp3
CYNTHIA LYLES And THE ARTIST RHYTHM SECTION -- Crossover (Artist Records, 1986).mp3
D'ATRA HICKS -- I wanna be loved (Capitol Records, 1989).mp3
D'ATRA HICKS -- Love and happiness (Capitol Records, 1989).mp3
D'ATRA HICKS -- Palm of your hand (Capitol Records, 1989).mp3
DAMON HARRIS -- It' s music (1978).mp3
DARNELL WILLIAMS -- Don't you want to be with me (My Disc Records, 1983).mp3
DARRYL DOUGLAS -- Holding on (Kebar Records, 1981).mp3
DAVE BAKER - Glow of love.mp3
DAVID CHRISTIE -- Rally down to Sally's (Carrere Records, 1983).mp3
DAVID GRANT - kiss away the blues (1984).mp3
DAZZLE -- Walk before you run (De-Lite Records, 1979).mp3
DEE C LEE -- Selina wow wow (Cbs Records, 1984).mp3
DEENA JAMES -- To my heart ( 1986)(12'') ¤¤¤.mp3
DEMETRIUS PERRY -- Betcha don't know (Tabu Records).mp3
DEMETRIUS PERRY -- I'll be true (Tabu Records).mp3
DENISE LA SALLE -- I'm trippin on you.mp3
DENISE LA SALLE AND SATISFACTION -- E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment)(Mca Records, 1981).mp3
DENNIS EDWARDS -- Breakin loose (Gordy Records, 1985).mp3
DENNIS EDWARDS -- Can't fight it.mp3
DENNIS EDWARDS -- No such thing.mp3
DENNIS TAYLOR -- Steppin.mp3
DONNA ALLEN -- We're smokin now.mp3
DORIAN -- Be with you.mp3
DOROTHY MOORE -- Didn't take the time (Volt Records, 1989).mp3
DOROTHY MOORE -- Time out for me.mp3
DR YORK -- Star ( 1985) ¤¤¤.mp3
DUKE LAKE -- Satisfaction love & passion.mp3
DYNASTY -- Personality (Alpha Records, 1986).mp3
EASTBOUND EXPRESSWAY -- Knock me senseless (Vinylmania Records, 1986).mp3
EDDIE B & OSCAR T -- Where' s the beef (Sagittarius Records, 1984).mp3
EDMUND SYLVERS -- That burning love (Casablanca Records, 1980).mp3
EMILIO SANTIAGO - Vem menina (Philips Records, 1983).mp3
ERAMUS HALL -- Do the rock (Westbound Records).mp3
ERAMUS HALL -- Stuck In The Mudd (Westbound Records) ¤¤¤.mp3
ERAMUS HALL -- Super funk (Westbound Records).mp3
ETSUKO SAI -- Lovin' you in reversible love (Jap).mp3
EXOTIC TASTE - I' m hot for your love ¤¤¤¤.wma
FACE TO FACE -- 10, 9, 8 (Epic Records, 1984).mp3
FARLEY '' JACKMASTER '' FUNK -- Love can't turn around.mp3
FATBACK -- Double love affair (1983).mp3
FELICIA HARTE -- The Pleasure And the Pain ¤¤¤.mp3
FEVER -- Don't you want me (Fantasy Records, 1980).mp3
FRANCE JOLI -- Blue eyed technology (Epic Records, 1983).mp3
FRANKIE PAUL -- Funky reggae party (Black Dread Records, 1984).mp3
FRANTIQUE -- Getting serious (Philadelphia International Records, 1979).mp3
FREDDIE JAMES -- Hot thing (Arista Records, 1983).mp3
FREEZING FIRE BAND -- Dance With Me Baby (Mascia Records, 1982) ¤¤¤.mp3
FULL FORCE -- Turn you on (Dazz Records, 1980) ¤¤¤.mp3
FUNKYPAPA (Mix 1).mp3
FUTURE NOW -- Midnight.mp3
GARRETT MORRIS -- Destiny (MCA Records, 1980).mp3
GENERAL JOHNSON & THE CHAIRMEN -- I shall return.mp3
GEOFFREY WILLIAMS - Cinderella ¤¤¤.mp3
GLADYS NIGHT AND THE PIPS --My Time ( 1985) ¤¤¤¤.mp3
GLORIA COVINGTON -- All I need (Casablanca Records, 1980).mp3
GLORIA COVINGTON -- Strung out (Casablanca Records, 1980).mp3
GLORIA RUSSELL -- Loverboy.mp3
GRACE JONES -- Unlimited capacity for love (Island Records, 1982).mp3
GWEN GUTHRIE -- Love in moderation (4th & Broadway Records, 1984).mp3

GWEN PENNIMAN -- Drive my car (Platinum II records, 1986).mp3
HALLOWEEN -- Love energy.mp3
HALLOWEEN -- Love maker (Mercury Records, 1979).mp3
HARARI -- It takes time (A&M Records, 1981).mp3
HILL -- Delicate Rose (Joy Records) ¤¤¤.mp3
IKE NOBLE -- Keep me cryin'.mp3
IKEDA - quarterback (Jap, 1987) ¤¤¤.mp3
INCORPORATED THANG BAND -- Still tight (Warner Bros. Records, 1988).mp3
INVISIBLE MAN' S BAND -- Really wanna see you (Boardwalk Records, 1982).mp3
ISAAC HAYES -- I ain't never (Polidor Records, 1980).mp3
JAMES INGRAM -- Right back (Qwest Records, 1986).mp3
JAMES INGRAM -- Say hey (1986).mp3
JAMES TAYLOR -- Let cha body stroke (GSP Records, 1984).mp3
JAMES TAYLOR - stone cold chic (GSP Records, 1984).mp3
JANICE MARIE JOHNSON -- Who's it gonna be (Capitol Records, 1984).mp3
JANICE MC CLAIN -- It's gonna come back to you.mp3
JERRY BUTLER -- Ask me (What you want)(Fountain Records, 1982).mp3
JESSE GREEN -- Move on up a little closer (1978).mp3
JESSE JOHNSON -- Baby let's kiss ( A&M Records, 1986).mp3
JESSE RAE -- Be yer sel (River Records).mp3
JIMMY SCOTT -- Games (Music Mr. Mystro Records).mp3
JOHN FORD -- Just wanna dance (Re-Leece Records).mp3
JOHNNIE TAYLOR -- No refund (Malaco Records, 1985).mp3
JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON -- I miss your kiss (1981).mp3
JOHNNY REASON -- Idealistic preoccupations.mp3
JOY ROSE -- Gimme The Funk (1986) ¤¤¤¤.mp3
JOYO VELARDE -- Take you home.mp3
JR TUCKER -- Treat me right (Geffen Records, 1983).mp3
JUICY -- Make you mine (1987).mp3
JUICY -- I 've got something (Arista Records, 1982) ¤¤¤.mp3
JUICY -- Show and tell (1987).mp3
JULLISA -- Lover by day.mp3
JUMPP -- bouncy bouncy (1981) ¤¤¤.mp3
JUNKO OHASHI - dancin' ¤¤¤.mp3
JUPITER -- Starlighter.mp3
JUST US -- The hall of just us (Royal Shield Records) ¤¤¤¤.mp3
KAT MANDU -- Super lady (1982).mp3
KATHI BAKER -- Fa la la (Feel the heat) (1979 ).mp3
KELTON PRIMA -- No lies ( Instrumental).mp3
KEN TAMURA -- Omaetonara (Jap).mp3
KENJIRO SAKIYA - Aisa Retemoinai (1987) ¤¤¤¤.mp3
KENNY BEE -- Dance All Night (Till You Get It Right)(SMI Records, 1980)(12'') ¤¤¤.mp3
KENNY GRAY -- take me as I am (PG 13 Records)(7'') ¤¤¤.mp3
KEVIN & BENETTA -- I want U 2 love me (Grove Street Records, 1987).mp3
KIM FLEMING -- Do U want it bad enuff (1988).mp3
KIM LOVE -- Stop you (Dead in your tracks)(GSP Records, 1984).mp3
KING COTTON -- Stick it to the grind (1982).mp3
KOKO POP --first impression (1985) ¤¤¤.mp3
KRYSTAL -- Record breaker (Prolific Hot Wax Records, 1982).mp3
KRYSTOL -- Arrogant (Epic Records, 1989).mp3
LA LA -- (If you) love me just a little (Arista Records, 1987).mp3
LACE -- How could it be (Wing Records, 1989).mp3
LACE -- My love is deep.mp3
LAMONT DOZIER -- On the one (1983).mp3
LANIER & CO -- Superlady (Panarecord International, 1986).mp3
LINKWOOD -- Falling (Prime Numbers Records).mp3
LINKWOOD -- Fudge Boogie (Prime Numbers Records).mp3
LINX -- Tinsel Town (You Don't Fool Me) (1981) ¤¤¤.mp3
LINX -- Together we can shine.mp3
LIPPS INC -- Everybody knows (Casablanca Records, 1981).mp3
LIQUID HEAT -- Special love.mp3
LONNIE HILL -- Mr. music man.mp3
LOOSE JOINTS -- Is it all over my face (1980).mp3
LOVE COMMITTEE -- Who Can We Trust (1980) ¤¤¤.mp3
MAC THORNHILL -- No way to control it (Channel Records, 1984).mp3
MAGIC LADY -- Love feelin' (Arista Records, 1980).mp3
MAGIC LADY -- Stand up (A&M Records, 1982).mp3
MAI TAI -- Why did you do it (1986).mp3
MAIN CONTROL -- You'd look better with me (1986).mp3
MAKOTO MATSUSHITA -- One hot love (Jap).mp3
MANDRILL -- Bust loose (Montage Records, 1982) ¤¤¤.mp3
MANDRILL --When You Shake ( 1980) ¤¤¤.Mp3
MANIQUIN -- I wanna ride (1989).mp3
MANIQUIN -- Shine a light (1989).mp3
MARGIE LOMAX -- God's greatest gift to man is a woman (Golden Flamingo Records).mp3
MARIKO ASHIBE -- Highway dancer (Eastworld Records, 1984).mp3
MATT COVINGTON -- Naked to the world (April Records, 1983) ¤¤¤.mp3
MATT COVINGTON -- We gotta live together (April Records, 1985).mp3
MELBA MOORE -- Everything so good about you (Epic Records, 1980).mp3
MICHAEL HENDERSON - In it for the goodies (1981) ¤¤¤.mp3
MICHAEL HENDERSON -- Fickle ( 1983) ¤¤¤.mp3
MILLIE SCOTT -- It's my life.mp3
MONZIE-D AND TOO QUICK -- Intelligence (One Way Records, 1983.mp3
MOSES TYSON -- Do you want my love (Capitol Records, 1983).mp3
MOSES TYSON -- Keep dancing to the music.mp3
MOSES TYSON -- Thank you (Capitol Records, 1983).mp3
NARUMIN & ETSU -- Up and down (Jap).mp3
NATALIE COLE -- Too much Mister.mp3
NEW TOUCH - Look in ( Hot City Records, 1987) ¤¤¤.mp3
NICK MUNDY -- I can't be bothered (Warner Bros. Records, 1987).mp3
NICK MUNDY -- Trade him in (Warner Bros Records, 1988).mp3
NILE RODGERS -- Beet (1983).mp3
NILE RODGERS -- Get her crazy (Mirage Records, 1983).mp3
NONA HENDRYX - Revolutionary Dance (1985) ¤¤¤.mp3
NONA HENDRYX -- the life (1984) ¤¤¤.mp3
NURSERY SCHOOL -- Sweepstakes.mp3
O'MAR -- Satisfaction (Chrome Records).mp3
O.C SMITH -- Everything' s Changed ( 1979).mp3
ODYSSEY -- Sing.mp3

ONE WAY -- Burn it (1981).mp3
PAM RUSSO -- You can't take my love (4th & Broadway, 1987).mp3
PATTI CURRY -- Tenderness (1987).mp3
PAUL HARDCASTLE -- Eat your heart out (Cooltempo Records, 1984).mp3
PENNYE FORD -- Feel the music (Total Experience Records, 1984).mp3
PETER BROWN -- Baby gets high (1982).mp3
PETER BROWN -- Overnight sensation (1983).mp3
PIECES OF A DREAM --Fo fi fo (Elektra Records, 1983).mp3
PIPER -- I' ve got a feeling (Yupiteru Records, 1983).mp3
PRIVATE POSSESSION Feat HUNTER HAYES -- This time (4th & Broadway Records, 1986).mp3
PURPLE FLASH -- Leading lover.mp3
QUEEN -- Back chat (1982).mp3
QUIETFIRE --You make me wanna shout (Simplex Records) ¤¤¤.mp3
QUINN GOLDEN -- I can't stop seeing you (Traction Records).mp3
RANDY AND THE GYPSYS -- I Can't Wait ( 1989) ¤¤¤.mp3
RANDY BROWN -- Right track.mp3
RARE ESSENCE -- Shoo be do wop (1984).mp3
RAY PARKER JR -- Electronic lover (Arista Records, 1983).mp3
RAYDIANT Feat DEBORAH BENJAMIN -- our love (Lucy Bee Bee Records, 1986 ) ¤¤¤.wma
REDD HOTT -- Ecstacy (Venture Records, 1982).mp3
REDD HOTT -- Flashin' at you (Venture Records, 1982).mp3
RENA SCOTT -- Ought to be a love.mp3
RHETTA HUGHES -- Crisis (Aria Records, 1983).mp3
rip par fatherfunk.mp3
RISING LOVE Feat KAREN BRAXTON -- Treasure chest (Venture Records, 1979)(12'').mp3
RITCHIE FAMILY -- Lost In Your Love (1983) ¤¤¤.mp3
ROBERTA FLACK -- Lovin you (Is such an easy thang to do)(MCA Records, 1981).mp3
RONNIE LAWS -- Can't Save Tomorrow ( 1983) ¤¤¤.mp3
ROSE ROYCE -- Doesn't have to be this way (Omni Records, 1986).mp3
ROYALTY -- Romeo (Warner Bros Records, 1988).mp3
RUGENIA PEOPLES-TAYLOR -- Don't play with my feelings (1989).mp3
SHAKATAK -- Catch me if you can (Polydor K.K Records, 1986).mp3
SHANNON BEATY - Hot Love ( 1989) ¤¤¤.mp3
SHARON REDD -- Send your love (Prelude Records, 1982).mp3
SHEILA E -- A love bizarre (1985).mp3
SHEREE BROWN -- You'll be Dancin All Night (Capitol Records, 1981) ¤¤¤.mp3
SHOTGUN -- Bad babe (MCA Records, 1980).mp3
SILVIA RIVERA - No one but you.mp3
SKWARES -- Be my delight.mp3
SLIMLINE -- If you can dance (You can do it) (1982)_2.mp3
SLUG-GO -- Crazy (T.T.E.D. Records, 1985).mp3
SNOOKY - say it ¤¤¤¤.mp3
SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE JUKES -- Get your body on the job (Mirage Records, 1983).mp3
SPACE -- Carry on, turn me on (United Artists Records).mp3
SPENCE -- Madonna (Arista Records, 1983).mp3
STAGE IV Feat LULY -- Real love (Angel Eyes Records).mp3
STAN ARRINGTON -- Beam me up (Phase 5 Records, 1984).mp3
STONE CITY BAND -- All day and all of the night (1981).mp3
STONE FREE feat CECIL LYDE - Funk Is Here To Stay (P-Vine Records, 1980) ¤¤¤.MP3
STOP - Kool katt (1983) ¤¤¤.mp3
STREET FARE -- Do it in the name of love (Atlantic Records, 1987).mp3
STREET FARE -- Out of reach (1987).mp3
SUGAR BABES -- We rock the beat (MCA Records, 1987).mp3
SWAN - You Got Me (Bee Pee Records) ¤¤¤.mp3
SWEETNESS -- Last night a D.J saved my life (1983).mp3
TA MARA & THE SEEN -- You turn me up (A&M Records, 1985).mp3
TANGENT - I just got to be free (Budweiser Records, 1985) ¤¤¤.mp3
TAXI - Melo da garrafa (Kelo Music Records, 1980).mp3
TAXI -- Amor não vai faltar (Kelo Music Records, 1980).mp3
TEASE -- Bite (RCA Records, 1983).mp3
TELESIS -- Getting better all the time.mp3
THE BRECKER BROTHERS -- You ga (Ta give it)(Arista Records, 1980).mp3
THE BROTHERS JOHNSON -- Light up the night (1980).mp3
THE CHAPLIN BAND -- Gold (Pierrot Records, 1982).mp3
THE CLASH -- The magnificent dance (1980).mp3
THE CONWAY BROTHERS -- Ohio jam (Ichiban Records, 1987).mp3
THE CONWAY BROTHERS -- Por-sha (Ichiban Records, 1987).mp3
THE DEUCE -- Someone else (Cbs Records, 1985).mp3
THE FIT -- Stand up.mp3
THE GLASS -- Stacked to the (T) (Jus Fresh Records, 1982).mp3
THE HORNE SECTION (T.H.S) -- True confusion.mp3
THE JACKSONS -- Lovely one (Epic Records, 1980).mp3
THE LITTLE DABS -- E T. (Every Time) (1982) ¤¤¤.MP3
THE M ZEE BAND - bop box (1981) ¤¤¤.mp3
THE MAC BAND -- Don't keep me waiting (Ultrax Records).mp3
THE MIRACLES -- Funtime.mp3
THE RANCE ALLEN GROUP -- Can't get enough (Stax Records, 1980).mp3
THE RANCE ALLEN GROUP -- I feel like going on ((Stax Records, 1980).mp3
THE RANCE ALLEN GROUP -- Some people (Stax Records, 1980).mp3
THE REDDINGS -- R.o.c.c.mp3
THE RIGHT CHOICE -- Holding out on me.mp3
THE THREE DEGREES -- The heaven I need ¤¤¤.mp3
THE TRAMMPS -- Truly wonderful (1984).mp3
THE VALENTINE BROTHERS -- Somebody took my love (1987).mp3
THE WATERS -- Baby you got it (1988).mp3
THRUST - Put your body to it (Arista Records, 1984).mp3
THRUST -- Can't wait to get to you (Apexton Records, 1982).mp3
TIERRA -- Baby it' s too late (Boardwalk Records, 1982).mp3
TIERRA -- Hidden tears (Boardwalk Records, 1982).mp3
TIERRA -- This day is our day ( (Boardwalk Records, 1982).mp3
TIERRA -- Turn the music up ((Boardwalk Records, 1982).mp3
TIM COLLINS -- Do it (1982).mp3
TIM OWENS - Smile.mp3
TOM SANDERS -- I' ll get to that (Portra Records, 1980) ¤¤¤.mp3
TOMI JENKINS -- T.G.F.Y.B (Elektra Records, 1989).mp3
TONGI - He's on the run (Reel to Real Records, 1983).mp3
TONY CHAMBERS -- Don't wait too long ( 1981) ¤¤¤.mp3
TONY JOE WHITE -- I get off on it (Casablanca Records, 1980).mp3
TRACY SPENCER -- Dancing in the moonlight (CBS Records, 1987).mp3

TRAMAINE HAWKINS -- The rock (A&M Records, 1987).mp3
TYKA NELSON -- L.O.V.E (1988).mp3
UK PLAYERS -- Killing time (A&M Records, 1982).mp3
VALERIE HORTON BROWN -- Ball and chain (Ariola Records, 1981).mp3
VANEESE THOMAS -- (I wanna get) Close to you (1987).mp3
VANEESE THOMAS -- Keep it up (1987).mp3
VEDA --what it' s all about ¤¤¤.mp3
VERONICA UNDERWOOD -- I want all your love (Philly World Records, 1985).mp3
VICIO LATINO -- Sabes qué hora es (Epic Records, 1984).mp3
VICTOR TAVARES -- First house on the right side (Polidor Records, 1981) ¤¤¤¤.mp3
VICTOR TAVARES -- So good (1981).mp3
VINDAHL -- Sometimes.mp3
VIOLA WILLS & NOEL MC CALLA -- Take one step forward (Nightmare Records, 1986).mp3
WARREN MILLS -- Choosey girl (1985).mp3
WARREN MILLS -- Sunshine (1985).mp3
WAYNE HERNANDEZ -- Bad news (CBS Records, 1987).mp3
WELL RED -- Get lucky (Virgin Records, 1988).mp3
WENDELL MORRISON - What' it be like ¤¤¤¤.mp3
WEST STREET MOB -- Get up and dance (Sugar Hill Records, 1981).mp3
WESTWOOD-CASH -- Psycho for your love (Southern Sun Records, 1983).mp3
WESTWOOD-CASH -- Work Those Joints (Southern Sun Records, 1983).mp3
WILL KING -- Got to hold on (1985).mp3
WILL KING -- Wonderful world.mp3
WILLIAM LANE JR -- Strange.mp3
WISH Feat FONDA RAE -- Making love feel so good in the morning (Gold Cleft Records, 1985).mp3
WITHNEY HOUSTON - How will I know ¤¤¤.mp3
Z FOR ZAFRA -- Dancin' round the clock (H & L Records, 1978).mp3

$erginho dj

Ariana - Ain't Gon' Hear it ($dj. Mix) (90).mp3
Atlantic Starr - Love Crazy ($dj. Mix) (94).mp3
BJ - Thinking Bout You ($dj. Mix) (98).mp3
Chaka Khan & Jackson 5 - Got Be There ($dj. Mix) (87).mp3
Colby O'Donis - Tell Me This ($dj. Mix) (100).mp3
Cool Million Feat. Pace - Thought We Had it All ($dj. Mix) (102).mp3
Deam - Mr Telephone ($dj. Mix) (89).mp3
Jesse McCartney - Sunshine ($dj. Mix) (100,8).mp3
Keytoven - One More Night ($dj. Mix) (93).mp3
Michael Hart - Thank You ($dj. Mix) (95,7).mp3
Ne-yo - Damn Baby - ($dj. Mix) (94).mp3
Pleasure P (Of Pretty Ricky) - Encore. ($dj Mix).mp3
Tyrone Phillips - Free ($dj. Mix) (98).mp3